About me!

Alexandra von Tersch II

My name is Alexandra von Tersch ( Xandi Rose for short. It’s not made up, I swear. Take the ‘xand’ from the center of ‘Alexandra’ and diminutize it and there you go!) I’m a 20 something year old artist, avid magical realist, and overly harsh movie critic.  I’m sure I’m lots of other things as well, in fact I really hope I am otherwise I’m a rather static character. I’m hoping to add to the list: successful at adulting, but I’ve only just gotten my toes wet.

The purpose of this Blog is, more than anything else, to record the artwork that never quite makes it to the final stages of development, or the thoughts leading up to a design that I’d long since forgotten. All too often I’ll excitedly upload an image to Instagram and stare sadly at my tiny little phone keypad, knowing I can’t write half what I want to say about it. NO MORE! That all being said, this isn’t a carefully combed through Masterpiece of art and literature combined in one.  It’s more like a online sketch book. Think of it as a place to check up what your old friend is doing/thinking or rummage for ideas from one scatterbrained mind to another.

Sometimes you’ll see things that have nothing to do with my art but simply inspired me. Other times, it’ll be the photo after photo of “look I added another line and didn’t mess it up yet! yes!”.  Roll of the dice. Either way, as long as you don’t live in a little white box and abhor art and decor of any kind, I’m sure you’ll find something of interest.

Lastly, if you like what you see at all, be sure to check out my completed pieces over at my Portfolio!


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