Took a stab back at Wheel Throwing

I’ve had a hankering to do a class at the Old Lorton prison’s Workhouse Art Center, and this summer I finally saw my chance.  Signed up for a ceramic wheel throwing class.  Now it’d been a good 4-4 1/2 years since I last threw any pottery, excluding Legend of Zelda, so I was really rusty.
Pros and cons of this course: Con: it takes forever to get up an running because you only meet once a week.  So If you picked up on centering pretty quick you have a bunch of untrimmed pots until you get to the trimming demo 3 weeks later. Pro: Dale is a really good teacher. I was able to learn from a lot of my past mistakes so quickly and produce objects way better than where I’d left off year ago.

You’ll laugh at me, but this is what I made in 9 weeks.  Obviously not including the objects i destroyed in trimming or ran out of time to finish so just scrapped. (there were a lot of those QQ.)
In reality, due to the above mentioned con, I really only had about 3-4 weeks of actual production, of which i was sick at the end. Not good. Either way I’m really proud of the even walls and more professional look of what I produced.  I’d say, once I have a chance to try again, I should be able to hop right into making really good stuff.



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