Artist Spotlight – Torianne and Frannerd

It’s been a while since my last artist spotlight, but I started closely following several artists who have positively impacted both by progress and development over the last few months.
I’ve been focusing on 2D this summer so there’s been less to write about and most of it fits into my instagram captions. These artists have been so influential for me these past few months.

First is Tori Anne or Juicy ink on Youtube.  I think this is actually the video I fist discovered her in

and before this i really didn’t watch many youtube videos on technique, but i have so many regrets about that now. watching other artists work is so helpful towards understanding my own work and discovering new ideas and supplies. it’s also entertaining, haha.

Watching how she moved the ink and how she got to her end result really helped me to get to the next level with my supplies. She has so many useful tips and isn’t afraid to admit when she’s messed up.

What really sets her work apart, and I’ve found myself seriously temped to mimic on several occasions are her eyelashes.
torianne_christine_5x8Her characters are always simple and playful but have so much thought and life.


Next on my list of amazing youtube artists is Frannerd

Trying to find the first video of her’s I found again and I think it was a sketchbook tour

Either way, how she works and what she makes is so alluring.  She’s not very complex, but captures emotion so well with her simple colour pallet and cartooned expressions.

tumblr_nvr69nj0vx1s0nk5eo4_1280When so many artists use digital for their daily work, Frannerd’s very simple use of watercolours, inks, and markers were a beautiful reminder of the power of flat colour and traditional media.

The one thing that really got me though, THE TREES. I love how she draws plantlife.  I’ve never been much for plants, and I struggle with backgrounds but she makes them both look fun and effortless.


So many times this past summer I have referenced these two artists work when drawing my own;  Wondered how to do a background or the best way to use a marker on a colour of hair. They’ve been invaluable resources as well as beautiful artists.  I’m still rearranging my walls to add theirs in.




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