Any recommendations on how you organize you work into “to be digitized” and “to be filed” etc is much appreciated, for I find myself in the corner I always end up in: a big growing pile of art that I need to digitize and get into my shop and portfolio. (not to be confused with the pile labeled “need to mat and put on the wall” )

Quick glimpse into my not so busy but somehow lacking free time life: Awesomecon was in early June and all my energy went towards preparing for it. I’d planned the following Monday off to  file all my art and compile all my sales data so it’s easier come tax time, but alas, Jury duty. Soon every Monday that month was full of jury duty, and I don’t know if any of my readers are from the Washington DC area, but serving jury duty south of Fairfax then driving up to Reston for a half day when you’re nixed, then fighting two+ hours of traffic to get home is exhausting. That’s my whole pity party right there.  It was horrible, and the case I got put on was pathetic to boot. But on topic, work ended up needing me on pretty much all my days off and I’m STILL trying to get my TB test for my subbing license (thank you corrupt insurance system), so when I sat down at the end of the day I pretty much just needed to decomp. Read: Draw or Dragon Age.

The problem with this lifestyle, is nothing gets recorded and you end up with a large pile of works that all need to be digitized together.  Cleaning up 20 pieces at the same time makes your eyes hurt, or maybe I have weak eyes, either way I’m dissuaded.

Somehow declaring something will be done, makes it easier to do. So this is my declaration. I WILL DIGITIZE ALL MY WORKS THIS WEDNESDAY. Prepare yourselves! Winter is coming–er–finalized works are coming!

I’ll leave you with some birthday images, since I just turned 25 yesterday


(happy birthday me!)


I wonder if my mica metallics will click into the old pallet . . .




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