I didn’t realize until today That I haven’t posted anything this month. Wow Xandi really? Nothing?

I have been a zombie in a slump of adulting.

Between jury duty, covering extra shifts, convention, and visits from family members who are normally cloistered monks I have been a busy bee. I just started my new ceramics class though! Expect to see all my fun 3D pots and maybe sculptures on the horizon!

Let me catch you up to speed with Lazy Xandi though.

Lazy Xandi has been . . .

Jellybloom 1 72dpi

Finally finishing this piece she posted about eons ago, and getting it photographed.  I changed out a few of the jellies that didn’t fit and reframed some others. Getting a profession picture of this work in my tiny studio is really hard, but you do what you can.

Lazy Xandi has been . . .

Activly following Torianne00 and Frannerd (who she should really do an artist spotlight on because they’re turning into great influences as well as already phenominal artists). And while following them I decided to try out different styles and practice techniques based on watching them work. You’ll notice my switch to pink pencil and the ability to do more line-less work.

Lazy xandi has been . . .

Doing the exact same thing as the above image, just with a different style and subject matter. This setting is all conglomerated straight out of one of Frannerd’s works. MY philosophy is, if you see it and like it draw it yourself.  Then even if you forget it later in life, your hand and brain will remember the essence of what you loved. Also drawing in someone else’s style always helps me to realize new things about line and shape I wouldn’t have otherwise noticed. Frannerd’s little mini settings are something I really want to incorporate into my usual art.

Lazy Xandi has been . . .


Trying to find closure in old works, but just ending up adding one element and then setting them aside again.


So there you have it, some of what I’ve been doing all June, minus the cleaning and Aquascaping. Oh! I dyed my hair too! . . . It’s still red. I just finally stopped being lazy and actually fixed my roots.



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