If you haven’t heard about the 3 marker challenge before, basically what it is is you toss all your markers into a bin and select 3 colours at random.  Those three colours are then used to create a new piece.  I keep seeing videos all over the internet about it, and despite my still learning I really wanted to give it a go.  The way I see it, it’s not like I can’t do the challenge as many time as I want to, so it’s a good opportunity to think about my markers and how they layer and mix in a new way.  Hopefully, advance my usual techniques.

So to start with I pulled all my markers out of my organizer, and tossed them into a plastic baggie, giving them a good shake to mix them up. I didn’t record the process, so you’ll just have to trust me that I was honest.


BG93, Y02, and E13. I think I actually got really lucky because these colours look great together already. Y02 was one of those colours I got to do something with then realized it was a bit brighter than I realized, so it’s the hardest of the bundle to work with.  waaaaay brighter than my usual schemes.


So I set out to draw my sketch.  Apparently I have a thing for undercuts right now, but I decided a mohawk would be a really fun route to take this. I think I started off thinking tribal then ended up more punk. So Elvhen alienages have a more punk group? I don’t think they can afford jewelry?


Decked out with some fun accessories and a few patterns I transferred the drawing to my bristol paper. Actually, I inked her differently than i have been doing.  Usually I trace the image with pencil to my paper, then ink.  This time I wondered what would happen if I inked while it was still on the lightbox. It was certainly faster, and worked for this level of detail. I’m still mad I took the gamble on that bottom line of her hair. Shadows or no, it’s just too strong.


I’m thinking I might restart, because I didn’t give enough time for the ink to dry and it smeared a lot. I gave it like 15 minutes, but apparently I’m just really heavy handed. I’m really satisfied how E13 and Y02 blended though. Not happy with her skin. I think it’s as splotchy as it is because I was worried about the line ink.


I’ll redo the challenge and scan in the whole completed work for you to see, but over all, lots of fun!



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