True to promise, I’ve actually been getting back into the swing of drawing. I’m still slow, but Already I’m 4 times faster than last month with better results.

Let me open with this amazing purchase. I just learned that light tables are no longer giant clunky things and immediately found one that wasn’t very expensive.  No more taping drawing to windows! I really want to focus on being able to improve my colouring and line art without getting hung up on messing up a one of a kind drawing.  Being able to draw something in my sketch book and make 10 copics of it easily, gives me the freedom and peace of mind to make mistakes and learn.


Not including my sketchbook, I collected up all my most recent 2D works (and a rosary)


A sketch from 2012 I decided to try colouring.  She looks a lot different in colour than in my sketchbook. I’m thinking I’m going to try again with some major anatomical tweaks.

A commissioned gift for a friend of a particular pokemon

A school of flying whales and the moon I’d really proud of, made with my homemade diluted ink brush. Still WIP.

My first rosary and the new designs I’m working on.

Finally getting the hang of using my really thin custom silicone flex mould

Some marker portraits as I get the hang of mixing different skin tones and figuring out light. (really I don’t know how I’ve gone my whole life with such a poor understanding of light)

Getting more comfortable knocking out quick sketches.  They’re not all how I want them to look, but they’re fast and acceptable.

Decided to go backwards and step and ink and colour my old way. What really amazes me is I haven’t picked up my coloured pencils to colour a person in YEARS but my practice in markers and watercolour yeilded some really well developed advances. I’m one of those people who get discouraged really easily, so seeing that development makes me feel really good.

I really need to get in the habit of filing documents to be digitized and getting that done ASAP. Too often I finish something, file it away, and have nothing but my quick little iphone shots. This one was a relatively fast drawing of an outfit I wanted to see face on. it’s in my sketchbook, so the paper’s pretty bad and the colour didn’t lie down well at all, but it got the idea out, which was my intent.

So there’s the last few weeks in a nut shell! I’ve been busy getting ready for Awesomecon next week, so posting regularly keeps going by the wayside but that should change soon. (as long as I don’t get selected for jury. the universe knows I hate courtroom everything and called me for jury duty the day after the convention)



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