When little naked dolls decide enough is enough


So I made this little amigurumi girl a long while ago, fell in love with her hair, thought she was the cutest, put her in a drawer and forgot about her. A few days ago she decided enough was enough, and she needed clothes.  I tried to remind her about the makeshift sack dress that had failed, but she wouldn’t listen.  She wanted a cute little pink shift dress.

I decided to give her a little felt halter and a big floofy skirt, because it sounded easy, and it would have been too if I wasn’t dumb.

Her halter fit like a charm, cut straight out of felt so no hassle with edges, but I’d decided she needed a lined and pleated skirt.

Allow me to avail you of my stubbornness.


If you’ll look past my dye stained fingernails, what you’ll see here is a simple and fast little felt top that was sewn to the skirt in the wrong order.  I decided to sew the lining to the top then add the floof, like I was drawing it on or something.  No problem, I left a lip under the felt I could sew it to invisibly. Well that took forever, certainly longer that–oh–I dunno cutting a new top and just taking hte 10 minutes to restitch it to the skirt.

Then my pleating lost me a 1/4 inch and instead of re sewing it, I decided to make it fudge. I really have no idea why I’m so determined to refuse to accept my mistake and start over.  but persist I did.


(don’t even get me started on why I thought green on green was an okay option) So now her pleated underskirt is a pleated pencil with a side seam. You’d think at this point I’d just cut her out of it and start again with the seams down the back, but too much has been invested to try again.


No one will notice the seam if I put a big flower on her waist right? I swear, stubborn past me will be my undoing! but she’s super cute, odd seams and all! And for some reason I decided not to take a picture of her braid, in which I wove in flowers to, reminiscent of Disney’s tangled.

After all this I decided she might just be better of with a metal reinforced neck and finally added the support it needed. There’s just too much fluff in that noggin. Now, after everything, I realize though, she might be better off with a doll stand.


Slightly off topic, but I finished my adorable price tags too!


Because “I’m all out of the shade of pink I need” totally means “the next shade darker will look fine!”

Live and learn



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