My pens came in the mail, and everything changed.

Or maybe the Fire Nation attacked, it’s really hard to tell.


But these are my three newest pens (not including the white gel pens I originally sat down to order when I decided I needed these at the same time.  So that’s where all my money goes . . . ) From top to bottom it’s the Pentel Pocket Brush pen, Pilot parallel pen, and a generic disposable fountain pen.

Now the generic pen is actually just a random purchase because for some reason here state side, no one uses fountain pens.  I got hooked on them in Europe where students were required to write with them and now I’m stuck with lousy ball points.  This is pretty much just for writing with, but it’s nice. It’s like 3 bucks on

The center pen is the Pilot Parallel.  I have a dip pen with a nib like this one, but I hate having to reload it.  I can make nice things with it, but uuuuurgh reloading.  I am the worst pen/brush loader in the world, and instead of just learning how to do it better I try to find a way to avoid having to do it at all.

Which actually reminds me of a scene from a Korean historical drama that I can’t seem to find on youtube.  Essentially the students are racing with giant paintbrushes to see who can draw the longest continuous line. I would have made it like 3 feet.



Just picture this but a long line of paper and funny music and Joseon costumes. I think it’s from Sungkyunkwan Scandal.

Either way, I hate loading pens, so a calligraphy pen that comes with a cartridge seemed like a great Idea. I don’t really do too much lettering but I saw that you could also draw it


And I liked his work, so I though, “Hey what the hell, give it a go.”

Pen works like a champ, I’m like a 3 year old with crayons when using it though.

The last pen. OH DEAR SWEET BABY PEANUTS. This pen is amazing.

If you like to draw emblazon this pen into your memory

This pen creates the most professional and beautiful lines even when you mess up.  I knew I wanted to learn how to use a brush pen (I’d heard I could be lazy and put down line weight quickly with them) and this got good reviews but it really is my best friend now.

So I started out testing all the pens on my really crappy new sketchbook.  I hate this guy. I think I’ve mentioned this every time I talk about this sketch book.  Everything bled (I mean–it is a sketchbook) and nothing looked nice.  I was ready to despair.


But the sensible side of me coaxed me into pulling out some different papers to experiment with. And by some, I mean all the paper I own.


(look at that generic fountain’s nice ink flow <3)

Three types of paper, and you can see how even bottom line papers don’t look like little caterpillar lines compared to my banana yellow sketch pad (and that watercolour paper is actually pretty far off white).

So I doodled, and I squiggled, and I fell in love. This pen is magnificent.  I need a quick doodle to ink and hopefully not kill my self esteem with.


Le doodle. She so cute.

And simple.  I was reading to keep it simple stupid.  put detail in with the ink, not pencil (duh).  I never used to listen though, my brain is derp. The other duh factor I ddin’t listen to at first is that I have to pull with the brush pen.  No pushing.  Pushing won’t work. not even sideways pushing.  I won’t like the results.



aaaand cue me messing them up with my impatience.


Live, learn, cry.

Added some colour just to give her some more fun and definition


I must say my faith in myself has been restored due to the blood magic that this pen practices.  If I wasn’t already Roman Catholic I’d join the Pentel pocket brush cult.


My second drawing was bad, but the ink (where I didn’t mess up) looks great. SI SE PUEDE.

So I’ve been trying to up my sketching quota so I have more drawing to ink with this.  And that’s how I’ve been spending my life.  Well, I also bought a new pair of pants.  That’s a exciting not really story too.



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