Because no one seems to talk about the Copic Original Brush nib

I recently purchased/was given a nice quantity of copic originals, as sketch seems to be out of stock everywhere, but the problem with originals is they have no brush nib.  I tried using the chisel nib, and I hate it.  It’s no good for me.  So I looked up online and saw that the original marker has it’s own brush nib, but it’s shorter than the sketch’s superbrush.

No problem right? I’ll just look online and see what people have to say about this nib.  Well somehow that information wasn’t easy to find.  I only stumbled across 1 blog that talked about this nib. After I’ve had a chance to play with it some more, I’ll do a written review of my experience, but so far I find it 100% comparable.

In case any one is in the same predicament as me and wonders how it works, I’ve uploaded a video of first impressions with the nibs.



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