So I’ve been working on some Harry Potter wands for a while now.  If you’re curious about early development I posted them here:

Harry Potter Wands!

More Harry Potter wands

And Thus Deadline Xandi is Reborn

And finally I’m almost done.  All wands are in boxes and I’m just finishing the last bits of their boxes. I want to say only a day or two of work.  I’m excited.


I’ve got all my boxes cut and assembled, just need to finish painting and finishing the lids, oh, and putting the crests and related artwork on them. That part’s pretty standard fare though.


Pardon my messy carpet, I haven’t cleaned since I chopped little bits of foam to pieces, but I laid all my wands out like they’ll be on my booth and it’s not bad.  Everything was touch and go, so I was worried it’ll end up catastrophic and be the worst presentation ever.  Or just look ugly.  I couldn’t sell you something I thought was ugly.  My pride prevents me.

Being almost finished is up there with just starting on the excitement scale.



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