So I have me first ever art sale/convention table coming up in a little over a month and anyone who’s been on my blog before will know that’s pretty much all I’ve been occupied with for the last 3 months.  My plan from the start was to go small, and I’ve kept the reigns tight.  I don’t have too many prints or trying to cover too many bases, but I’ll be damned if my first table is shoddy.

I didn’t graduate as an installation sculptor to make ugly tables.

So I’ve been drawing out different configurations on paper, but i’d gotten to the point where they were insufficient.  Time to doodle in 3D.


The nice thing about sketch up is (for one, it’s free) that I can put different pattern onto everything.  So I can try out that lace back drop or that pink table cloth and realize how much nope both are. Now my grid here is about 1′ short because of a brain fart while building my model, so all the large frames fit on one grid, which looks much better.

My WIP shot:


You can see, I even have space to move them around and fit one more frame piece on that grid panel.

So all that left on the development list was my curtain wall.  PVC seemed to be the easy to transport route so off I dawdled to Lowes and picked myself up a few feet.  After cutting and joining (and running as it falls over on me) I found a configuration that is fairly sturdy indoors, and economizes on pipe.


I will need my booth buddy’s help getting it upright though.  I can’t manage that all by myself. If there are any veteral PVC builders out there who see something I can easy fix to make it a little sturdier though, I’d love the advice.  I only have 4 feet behind my table though, and that has to fit this and me.

You can see the happy little seam running down the middle right now. I’m hoping that’ll hide a little better once I dye this black.  I needed a 6’x7′ curtain on the cheap so I bought a few bolts of muslin and a few packs of fabric dye all for less than the price of the black cotton. I can only imagine what a single bolt would have run me. It didn’t take to long to hem it all though, albeit it is pretty slacksidaisically hemmed,  but no one will see that side.

So that’s where I’m at display wise.  Almost done.  Now I just have to finish packaging all these prints!



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