So After looking at how my art was packaged the little part of me where my pride sleeps got really worked up and insisted on making it better.  I struggled between too boring, too expensive, too time consuming, and too girly before I reached my final idea: Glassine bags.

I have dozens more pictures I snagged from everywhere I went, trying to find something fitting for both jellyfsh and nerdy prints.  You can clearly see the “too girly” exhibited on the left.

But glassine bags seemed like a perfect idea.  If they bought only one print, well, oh well.  Here’s a bag in a bag, enjoy your pretty.   But if anyone bought 2, then I could put them together and package it neatly for transportation.  The nice thing with the glassine too is that you can sort of see the print through the bag, so assuming someone carried it in their hand others int he room will sort of see it too.  The kid with the ice cream at the zoo concept.  I know I mentioned this effect somewhere before.

But once I decided I was going to package the prints into nice little bags I had to decide what I was going to do to the bags. So far my heart has been set on Gold and rose champagne (I know, it sounds like a wedding.  But I want to stay Jelly coloured.  And my jellies are pink). How to make a design easy enough to print onto 150 bags but still pretty.

My first thought was lace and mandalas.


After the bags came in I looked at the stamps I could get easily on the market and I didn’t like any of them.  Their were either too frilly or didn’t speak to me of who I was or what I was selling.

Then I saw some whale and jellyfish stamps. I NEEDED A JELLYFISH BAG. Well, ButterDideDownStamps on Etsy had some beautiful Jellyfish stamps, but they were too small for me.  I thought about asking him if there was a way to get one made 2x-3x larger, but ultimately nixed the idea.  None of his jellyfish really looked like my scene.  I LOVE them, but it’d be hard to see from a distance too.  just kinda a golden blob. (go check out their stamps, they’re gorgeous!)


So I scoured my studio for anything I could create a printing plate or a stamp with.  I have no MDF, no one around me had any shower liner, I had no lino blocks, and I wasn’t going to potato stamp.

Back to google I went, where I found the most obvious answer ever. Craft foam! Now, I’m lazy, I’m not going to meticulously cut out a complex jelly with round tip craft scissors from bright green kid’s foam at 11pm only to find out, I dislike the results.  So I went the simple route: moon jellyfish.


I gotta say, I really really like it enough to use the idea on my finals.  MY only problem is that it was pointed out to me it looks like little happy loaves of bread and a sand dollar.  So maybe I’ll get a paint pen and just quickly add 150 little tentacles after they’re all stamped.

Now the foam has a little give that creates a build of paint on the side I’m not sure if I like, but my pocket book is telling me to just let it be.  If I sell well I can always do an actual lino cut of the design and emboss it on if my little heart desires. Remember: first con is PR. First con is PR. First con is PR.

In case you’re wondering, I hot glued the craft foam onto foam core and the cut the shape out so I’d have more accuracy when stamping. The handles are just stacked foam core that’s masking taped together and glued on. This is the most ghetto stamp you will ever see, but it works.


I have some ribbon coming in the mail later this week, we’ll see if I decide to use it too, or just stick to pre stamp and sticker it shut on site. I have no idea how busy I’ll actually be between transactions.  If it’s anything like the sales I’ve done in the past: everyone comes at once then it’s hours of nothing.

Even if I don’t sell so well at the event, all this planning and packaging is beyond fun.  I may take up recreating people’s wedding invites just to build up a working knowledge of the different ways things can be packed and promoted.

Oh! I almost forgot! Something I’d definitely thinking about when shipping out art bought off my store and not on site, is wax seals. During my etsy binge the other day I found BackToZero‘s store and oh dear goodness! The little part of me that itches constantly for wax seals, and has a whole pile of seals made out of stamps and hot glue in my car (not a good idea now that’s it’s getting warm . . .  as I think of it) just kind of rolled over an died when she saw this.

B20 Wax Seal Stamp Rose Flower

Yes hello my name is Xandi and I will be paying all my bills sealed with wax now.  Oh yes, and and also my artwork.  I could stamp with my namesake, or she has unicorns and constellations and Victorian scroll work.

Basically, in a nutshell,




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