Because Whovians


Sometimes I struggle between wanting to make what interests me and what I think will sell.  Sometimes, happily, they overlap.

Now I can’t say I’m up to date with my Who, I kinda lost all hope for the show halfway through smith. While I love Capaldi I just haven’t gotten around to watching all his eps again. Hopefully a new head writer will bring me back in.

Well, These little guys are small and simple.  Exactly what I like.  They take just enough time to make me feel like I’m not charging people for a stamp, but not so long as to make me bored when producing 5-6 at a time.

So after sitting down and taking the time  to cut them all cute little mats, I have a small army <3


IMG_6182 (1)


So you can see, some I’ve trimmed down to squares, and others I’ve preserved the raw edges under the matting.  I love it both ways.  Maybe next will be deckling. . .




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