I have a habit, whenever a deadline is looming I do one of two things: either wait until the last minute and do it all the day before, or freak out months in advance and have it finished way to early, then freak out it’s not right because I have so much time.

Since I went to my first awesomecon in 2014, I knew I wanted to have a booth.  When awesomecon 2015 rolled around I realized I didn’t have nearly enough work to make back the cost of the booth itself yet. Which brings us to awesomecon 2016 and I have over 200 prints, 7 framed works, 7 harry potter wands and boxes, as well as some random number or original works.  Clearly I have prepared this year, and I still have 2 months, but I’m nervous Xandi.  A couple of the wands still need their boxes finished up, and I need to cut down something stiff to go behind the originals, which of course means I’m loosing sleep over it.

“Don’t worry, you have 2 months and 16 days off from work to get this done” says the rational part of my brain.

“YOU JUST FINISHED A 21 DAY WEEK YOU FOOL!” The less rational side argues back, “YOU THINK YOU’LL HAVE TIME?!”

The rational side rolls it’s eyes and pulls my attention back towards it saying, “look, a box takes maybe 2-3 hours. You can do it after work and just bulk paint the lids before you leave for work. Draw a chart.  We’ll plan out what we’ll do every day. You like charts, see?”

Now the irrational side of the brain, being irrational doesn’t like not being paid attention to and stomps its feet and puffs it’s cheeks. “YOU’LL NEVER FOLLOW THAT CHART! YOU WANT TO PLAY WITH THE FRYE TWINS IN LONDON!”

It’s true, I do really like Jacob and Evie. I feel the panic rising.

The irrational side sees it’s wining my over and adds, “AND YOU STILL HAVEN’T BUILT YOUR BOOTH! WHAT IF ITS UGLY AND LOOKS LIKE EVERYONE ELSES!?”

By this point the rational side of my brain has had just about enough and throws it’s hands up in the air. “YOU KNOW WHAT, FINE! LETS PLAY ASSASSINS CREED! AND AFTER YOU’VE CALMED DOWN AND HAD A CUP OF TEA WE’LL GO FINISH OUR SHIT.”

Because everyone knows tea combats irrationality.  Never ever give up tea for lent.

That all being said, here’s an update of everything I’ve been working through during my 21 day week:

Since I last posted I’ve been busy working on display boxes for my wands. I purchased 5 pounds of poly fiber fill, and it’s beautiful.  SO MUCH FLUFF. I’ve gotten much better at wrapping the foam core in paper quickly and nicely for the bottom pieces, and since switching to a spray on sealant from a brush on one it goes really quickly.

You can see the lids are pretty simple. I just decoupaged on a quick simple Hogwarts crest.  They look really crisp and nice when all stacked up together though.

And of course, because I have problems finishing things, I started a new wand in the middle of everything.  Actually, I’d been planning on trying one out with leaves like hermione’s for a while. I decided to go the clay route again, which means no stains, but the end result it alright.  I have the final coat of sealant drying on it right now, and it’s a lot more elegant than I expected.  The leaves I painted with a green tinted brown, and left the rest of the wand a burnt umber colour.  So they don’t stand out very dramatically, but they have a distinct presence.

A couple original and bookmarks made their way into the production line.  The smaller 3×5 jellies all in competition to replace a jelly that doesn’t fit into my larger composition.

Repetitive sketches of different booth setups for every potential inventory and ways to assemble it. I’m thinking the actual ordering of supplies and ACTUALLY figuring things out by tangibly moving them will happen next week. I’m also debating making a google sketch up model of 5 different setups before I go and drop some cash on displays. Obviously I’m not going to spend a lot on a display for my first con, but I’m an installation artist at heart.  Setting the prints up in a fun way is almost more fun than making the prints themselves.

Last but not least, updated business cards.  a while ago, maybe November, I ordered 200 business cards with blank backs and my logo and name on the front.  I didn’t have my Etsy yet, and wasn’t sure where I wanted to link people to, so I figured blank backs gave me the opportunity to write on them. Well, I need 200 cards. I’m not hand writing that. For some reason my printer won’t suck up a card that small from it’s rear tray to print right on it, so I had to come up with another way to get my information to my customers.  My solution for the prints that are being purchased is to make my own supplementary cards.  One for sticking on the back of framed art, the other for referencing or sticking on there with it.

If you’ll remember from my last post about packaging I already had some of these guys made. Maybe about 20.  I need 200+ So hopping on my computer to redo my cut references I realized, that old design was clunky and ugly.  Unfortunately I had to take off my signature, but they’re much more organized looking now. I already have about 100 cut out in the time it takes to watch serenity.

Next I have to think how I want to attach them together for people to take at my booth. I could glue them together, or I might have used up enough that I can warrant another print run. Not sure, but that’s a problem for future Xandi.

My schedule should be back to normal next week though, so I’ll have regular time to work and post again!



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