Switch from painting to metal work and instantly my desk looks all manly again. I miss the manly desk. I wonder if I can make girly lace with the new manly desk . . .  .?


So I sat down to learn how to solder on a simple pattern: a deathly hallow.  Drawing it out on paper I bent the metal to follow my shapes and soldered the joins. Now, my solders are A. beginner and B. using the wrong nib.  See, I accidentally bought a soldering iron that takes butane instead of electricity and so instead of going back out to the store, I decide  to use my cheap wood burner that I lost all but 1 of the attachments to. Regardless, blunt tip or fine point, I persevered.


Because my seams were a little messy my first time wire wrapping was a little messier than it could have been too, but that’s what first drafts are for.  I’m still questing for my ball-peen hammer to dent it up a little bit. Overall I’m happy.  It’s like welding, but on a tiny scale.  Manipulation of scale is m favorite.

And last but not least, 2 more WIP’s of my wand boxes.  They still need their Hogwarts deals and final touches, but they’re super sturdy and make nice displays.



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