This year at Washinton DC’s Awesome Con come find me at my first Artist’s Alley table.  I’ve got about a month and a half to prep.  I’m thinking maybe I should invest in some pegboard walls to hang pictures on, as it’s cheaper than that metal grid. For now my first priority was packaging.

Now I have cellophane sleeves for the smaller prints, but nothing for the bigger 14-16″ art.  The only ones I could find  were $25 for 100 (or maybe it was 50, either way it was good enough for me) but she wanted to charge me $17 for shipping.  Sorry, I don’t play that game.  So I grabbed a roll of cellophane from the gift wrap section of the store, my old handy metal ruler, my cheap $20 wood burner, and a piece of cardboard and set to making my own.

Heads up if you’re trying this at home, the straightening iron method did not work for me.  It melted the cellophane a little, but not enough to permanently fuze them.  all I had to do was give it a light tub and it peeled right across.  The straightening iron does however work Splendid for setting a fold.

If you’re curious how I did it, I basically followed this video, but threw caution to the wind.


batta bing batta boom, bags.  But they still looked lacking.  Then it hit me, THE GOLD DOILIES I’D BOUGHT BECAUSE OF DOILLETOILE

If you’re not familiar with her art, I did a spotlight on her a few months back [Here] that has links to her site and art.  Follow her in IG, her work’s beautiful


But when you buy prints from her everything come hand packed in these SUPER CUTE envelopes. As soon as I clear a spot on my wall I’m ordering something of hers and framing it more feminine than you’ve ever seen.  I’ve got these cute white lace frames I was saving for some jellyfish I might use for her work instead.

Now I know my sister buys her chewing gum based off the packaging, so a little bit of pretty can’t hurt.


I’m hoping gold doilies won’t put off the guys too badly, because my art is cute but totally not intended to make men avoid my booth. I’ll admit, I’m having way more fun putting these together than I thought.  It was already midnight last night when I realized I was still cutting and glueing, and I hadn’t washed my hair or dried my bedding yet.  Today was a double fisted black tea, dress, and boots kinda morning. I did not have the mental ability to match a top to the bottom.

Now I don’t intend to have work lying all over my table, or doilies hiding half of someone’s head on display, so I have to figure out the best way to show off my pretties.

The nice thing with the doily is it also gives me some protection from the art sliding out, but isn’t sticky. I hate those self sealing bags. I have the worst luck with them.  They always stick to everything, including the art when I’m trying to get it out. Or especially back in, because I’m addicted to taking the art out of cover.  It’s kinda like when you buy 5 bags of candy but have to open them all to eat one piece of both. I think the impulse comes from the same place.

See the ghetto little card stock business card? Yeah, more on that later. I wanted something to stick on the back of a frame, but didn’t have a website or store yet to officially print on it. Life.

Oh! Also!


Because my reject card is pretty cute, I couldn’t help but to post his picture too.



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