I’m going mad with photoshop: Tardis edits

Sometimes, Photoshop decides it wants to be my friend.  Sometimes, photoshop decides it hates me with a burning passion.  It’s the program, not the user. I know it.

So If you’ll remember my Tardis watercolour:


Today I sat down to digitize it.


TARDIs 72dpi

Ignoring those two specs at the top that I just noticed, It looks pretty close to the original and decently cleaned up.  So I save a copy high res and zoom in to double check how it’d look in print.  That’s when I notice it’s not clean.

Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 9.31.32 PM

I was JUST in there cleaning those lines us. WHY DO THEY KEEP APPEARING.



Looking up close at the original I see they’re not perfect there either, but still. THE GODS OF PHOTOSHOP HATE ME. (if I seem over dramatic it’s because I’m been editing tardises that fight back for the last 4 hours)

Secondly, the scan bed doesn’t give me crisp results.  I’m not sure if it’s because the watercolour paper’s a little wrinkled from the paint or my scan bed’s too small. I’ve been experimenting with scanning in two halves and it worked for this piece.

3 ships 72dpi


I’m sure this is one of those things that I’ll figure out next week and it’ll be dumb obvious. I don’t think I ever shared the story of the first time I ordered prints, now I think of it. Well,

So I’d just ordered some prints of these little naked guys

Naked people group 18x7 72dpi

So cute right? Well I made sure the original file was very large and that I scanned it in at 600dpi, but for some reason the print was fuzzy.  Fuzzy enough that my baby sister didn’t see it until I showed her the original, but I refuse to sell sub par prints like that.

I immediately hopped on google and read everything I possibly could about how to remedy this, but no matter what I did none of it worked.  I already knew everything I read and clearly, it wasn’t working.  So, knots in my stomach because I would never be able to print my art myself, I went to bed distraught. I put the prints away and refused to look at them for a good 2-3 weeks.

If there’s one thing video games have taught me, it’s that if you fail multiple times in a row you should give up, turn the console off, and try the exact same thing again a month later and it’ll somehow work.  I opened up my working files and suddenly it was obvious. MY FILES WERE SHITTY. NO WONDER THEY WERE BLURRY.

I haven’t had a blurry print since. I have no idea what I saw that I missed before, but I have a great working knowledge now of how to fix my prints when they’re unsatisfactory. I’ll probably realize what I originally did wrong one day when I’m teaching someone else and they make my mistake.

There’ll be that “SO THATS WHAT I DID BACK IN 2015!” moment

Conclusion of this, I think I need to sit back and work on this file again next week.

Oh also, I just realized, in my screen cap I showed the version I was debating about with the writing on it. It’s a little jarring so I’ll need to keep working on it, but in case you were curious.

tardis with writing 72dpi

In case you can’t read Gallifreyan, it reads loosely “Everywhere and Anywhere. Every star that ever was. Where do you want to Start?”.

The other half of my scourge with Doctor who right now, lest you think only one tardis has plagued me so, are these tiny little guys WHO SHOULD HAVE BEEN SIMPLE.

8x10 tennant 72dpi

So if you’ll remember these guys. I decided I wanted the Tardis cut out of the silhouette. Easy peasy lemon squeezy right? NO. PHOTOSHOP HATES ME.

8x10 tennent .5margins 72dpi

I don’t even understand why it did that.  but for some reason it interpreted “Delete” as “increase opacity of the layer only in that location and create a little black square on the back of his head”.

This is a clear case of “I’ll deal with you later”

So now I’m taking a deep breadth and pouring myself a 4th cup of tea, turning off my repeat of ‘Beautiful Drug’ that i’ve been addicted to for the last 8 hours, and sitting down to save Thedas.



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