Some sort of bug possessed me this morning and made me decide “I think I’ll try my hand at calligraphy again today!”


Everything was going well until my brain stopped working.

Just so you know this quote is supposed to read “In war, victory.  In Peace Vigilance. In Death, Sacrifice.”  I’ll give you three guesses how far in I realized I’d messed up.

Okay then, just simple things.



It was surprisingly WAY more fun than I thought it would be. I think maybe I just hate ink.


So I had fun painting little green handprints for far longer than I thought I would. I drunkenly wrote letters and tried to make it look “artsy” and “deliberate”.

Then messed it up with my edge rounder and had to crop it.


Overall a succesful day.  Tomorrow will probably look the exact same. Maybe I’ll write out Cassandra’s name over and over again, just to mix things up.

Or maybe I’ll actually write letters with the care I seem to have when it’s not overcast. I’m going to blame any mistakes I make this week on the bouncy ball that someone threw out their window on the highway yesterday and shatter/cracked my windshield.



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