I’ve been actually fish keeping for about a year and a half now. I started with a 1 gallon betta bowl back in 2012, upgraded to a 20G in 2014, added a 10G to my collection, then a 5G, overwhelmed myself, and am now dialing it back.

Part of my favorite thing of aquariums is the plants.  Not only are they beautiful and lush and green, but I love watching the fish interact with them.  So when consolidating my 10G and my 20G I loved combining all the plants I’d been growing into one environment.  Unlike plastic plants that age and rot and get replaced, my live plants are the gift that gives back.  Its probably impossible to tell in these videos, but I have a big bush of java fern growing over by the drift wood.  That’s probably $8 worth of petco fern that I’ve had growing for a year+.

Now my aquascape hasn’t really aged that well since I redid it, but it’s still fun to look at.  Really I’m not worried, because I plan on upgrading to a 40G and buying a lot more driftwood.  Maybe some java moss too.  I’d love to grow a carpeting plant, but my corys keep uprooting everything before it has a chance to set roots.  Still, just drawing art is all well and fun, but watching your plans take their own shape and delight the little fish who now live in it takes the cake.


Now before any fish veterans see my video and complain that I’m overstocked, I know.  But don’t worry, I do regular 25% water changes at least weekly in addition to testing the water and watching my fish’s behavior. I also know that having a betta and serpae together is a bad idea, but she’s aggressive enough no one’s been nipping yet and I have an isolation tank I can move her to need be. I also know my Glass cat is probably a little stressed, but long story short there was a tank disaster this past December and I lost the rest of his school, he’s waiting for a new home with friends.  Trust me, they’re my aquatic babies and I’m not going to make them suffer.



2 thoughts on “Aquascaping!

  1. Beautiful. And I think it’s nice that you’re experimenting! :-) the experts don’t always know everything and as long as you are keeping an eye on your babies then I think it’s fine. Love the plants


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