When out carving the bark off branches for wands, you feel suspiciously like Buffy the vampire slayer. Mr. Pointy, is that you?


It was warm and sunny out today so I was able to pull out the miter and start with nice clean edges.


My first idea was to put some metal on one of the wands.  Rings sounded fun.  It ended up looking a lot more like piercings because of how big they were though.


I decided to keep it 100% wood so I could stain it and make it look more natural, so for the handle I did twisted leather.  It really drove home the idea of piercings, but it’s fun.  I was originally going to use a thin leather chord and tightly wind it, but it didn’t do anything for me, so I swapped to this. I’m not really satisfied with the end result, but that’s what the next wand’ll be for right? I still have 3 more sticks prepped.

For the other I used the Dremel to carve the winding vine through it. Please don’t say what you think It looks like. I know, and this one may never make it off the desk unless it looks different finished.


If you remember this guy from my last post, I gave him another coat of paint and some wax and I think he’s cute.  If I had more beads I would have given him a snitch charm, but you work with what you have, right?


I do love how comfortably it fits in my hand though.

Tomorrow, if I can manage to leave my house and deal with real live people on my day off, I’m thinking of picking up some supplies to display them attractively.


TA DA! A few WIPS and 2 virgin sticks for tomorrow. Oh, and my Banana. I was storing it on the ledge, it seemed to fit in.



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