Draw this Again – Underpainting

Finally a warm sunny day off.  Sun blazing in my tiny basement window I rolled out of bed, and hoisted my artwork to the studio for some underpainting.



If there’s one thing I’ve learned through all my silly mistakes, it’s to start with the background.  Oh the struggles I’ve had to fix when a background goes wrong and messes up hours of meticulous work. Slapping down a black circle I set out to slapping down some colour.

It’s been at least a year since I’ve done any painting other than watercolour, and 8 years since I tried using acrylic.  Taking a deep breadth I hoped that I could figure out how to blend and move the material before it dried too quickly.


Upon initially setting down pigment though, I discovered a different dilemma.  Yeah the paint is giving me a hard time drying too fast, but it also covers up my lines more than I thought it would.  An obvious statement when said out loud, but I still had to free hand the nose, mouth, and eyes back in where I could sort of see the lines. Tomorrow’s quest is to start fixing some of the worse shapes. I can’t do anything without natural light.


Off to the side you go blue lady.  I’ll deal with you later.



One thought on “Draw this Again – Underpainting

  1. I actually think she is looking wonderful! :-) she is already a lot different than the first you painted, but I think that’s okay. Beats as artists, in time our styles may change (or improve). Looking forward to more posts! :-)

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