So I’m not sure if this is a thing off Deviant Art, but one of my favorite memes was always ‘Draw this Again‘. Not only does it show the progress you’ve made, but it reaffirms that you’re improving, even when you feel like you’ve regressed.

Well, recently I was cleaning out the loose files from my sketchbook and I found this old painting.


I’m pretty sure this was from 2010. I know where I was when I painted it, and I only lived there for 6 months. I’m not sure though.  It is at least from before I started my Senior  Show at College, because that’s when I lost any semblance of time for oil painting.

Originally I was inspired by Cameo Broaches


Don’t ask me how I can’t remember when I made it but I can remember what inspired me and why I made the choices I did.  I don’t understand my memory either.  But I loved these broaches and a dark circular background seemed perfect.

At the time I always sectioned hair into shapes. I think it was a derivative of anime hair with wide strands, but I’d taken to colouring each section as a separate block in several pieces.  The flowers were a way to add some sense of delicacy and feminine to the piece, while also addressing how to end the back of the head.  Endless hair happened a lot in this phase of drawing. I also had just found a rose tutorial I really liked and probably drew about a million.

I loved this piece enough to stick it in my sketchbook and lug it around everywhere instead of in a box with the rest of my drawings,  and I still see something interesting in it, unfortunately what I don’t see is a skull. Hello platter face much?

For the sole purpose of showing little me up, I pulled out one of the discount canvases I got back when I could layer sale on discount on everything for a dollar or two and sketched up a new face real quick.



I wanted to keep it as close to the original as I could, but change things up to fit my current style a little more. (notice I’m using the new nose style I posted about before? Yeah, I’m excited too.)


For the hair I had to decide if I wanted to do strands or shapes.  Deciding to keep with my current style, I’m going to try painting it a little more realistically and less geometric. (but retailing that strange mysterious weightlessness)

My original thought was to have the black cameo circle, but paint the flowers around, but I’m not so sure now.  I think that might be something I decide after I’ve seen the underpainting. I want to have everything fade out to black instead of a harsh end.


Drawing’s done, and it probably only took me 15 minutes, compared to the hours I spent perfecting the first woman.  That’s the one thing you never account for in progress.  It may look the same, but how long did It take you to get there?

The original was done in oil paints, but I don’t feel like cleaning that kind of mess any time soon. I have some new acrylics I’ve been meaning to take out on a better trial run than what I’ve done so far, and this seems as good a place as any to test them out. That being said, I learned my lesson long ago about putting down colour when you’re tired: don’t.

I can write a magnificent essay jacked up on caffeine at 2am, but I cannot paint, sculpt, throw a pot, or do anything that thought and motor skills together.  So I’m forced to crochet more dish rags or go to bed (like I should be doing) until morning, when hopefully I’ll have the energy to sit down and focus on 2D without getting distracted by my clay or half finished wands.

Maybe I’ll add decoupage or 3D elements? Who knows. I make up so much on the spot. Only tomorrow will tell!



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