So it’s been a while since I finished my Harry potter wand to my Pottermore specs. . . . which conveniently changed when she updated the site.

While in the mall this past week, I meandered into hottopic and realized, the peeps who shop at cons also usually buy HT products.  What kind of fool doesn’t take advantage of their marketing information? Lets see what’s selling right now: legend of Zelda, Deadpool,  and of course Harry Potter! How did I overlook the Potterheads?

Pen in hand I sit down to start trying to think of something nice from Harry Potter than someone would want to look at on their wall.

Wands maybe?

This is where I learned I’m a fan of the books and not the movies. I have no idea what their wands looked like.


a bunch of googling and low res images later, I have some roughouts.  eeeeeh, maybe not where I should start.  I don’t even know what material harry and ron’s are supposed to be.


They look pretty cool from behind though (:

Alright, not wands what?

I REFUSE to do anything to do with the hallows or the last 3 books. Okay, maybe I’ll allow some stuff from 5, but I really think 6 & 7 belong to a different series. I don’t dislike them as much as I did my first read through, but they read like a too long american TV series.  You know the ones with 15 seasons that started out good but had to get too serious and convoluted in order to keep going. *cough*supernatural*cough*.

So where does that leave me? OF COURSE. MY FAVORITE BOOK OF THE BUNCH (when I was a child.  Now I like book 2 most, unrelated.)




First sketchbook doodle proves, yes, I have no problem with scrolly letters that don’t quite match up where they should.


inkidy ink because, reasons.


AND TIME TO PUT THIS PUPPY ON WATER COLOUR PAPER. Of course the sketch book one looks better, but what can you do.  Life.


Like with my Pokemon, I decided to keep it simple stupid.


I’m thinking I need a matching “Mischief Managed”.


Usually when i make something I have some sort of idea how I’d like it matted and framed, but I’m still drawing a blank on the map scrolls. Something’ll come to me eventually though, then I’ll start wasting my money on getting them framed without my employee discount. (i’ll forever cry over this until I get my own mat cutter and space to frame my own work.)



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