What scifi/fantasy convention art booth is complete without Dr. Who?

Alright, going to try real hard not to turn this post into a Moffat bash *breathes deeply*


So It’s almost time for Awesomecon, and the question I ask myself this year: Am I ready to buy a booth?

Last year I really really really wanted to, but I didn’t have enough art for it yet. This past year I’ve been trying to do a few more nerdy paintings that are easier to make prints of for a convention and I think I did it! I have several different fandoms and some fun water colours that look different from everything else I saw when i was first there back in ’14.

As I tallied my fandoms I realized, I have no Who! now I’m not even gunna lie here, I don’t watch who anymore. Moffat ruined it–er–I’m on hiatus until the writing improves. I won’t lie that doctor’s 9 & 10 and maybe a season of 11 are pretty cool beans. Capaldi is a great doctor, and I even love the angry old man that everyone’s griping over. Despite my so/so devotion, there’s still a lot of die hard fans out there (gosh it’s hard to write about the who fandom without getting bitter.  If you understand why, I’m reaching my hand out to you through the screen).

Now myself, trying to be a good business woman, knows that I should probably have at least 1 who product.  If for nothing else, then to compare sales with the other fandoms and market accordingly: but what to make?

First thing that hit me is a who version of my firefly–whiiiiiich I just thought of a change I want to make with negatives instead of blue.  I’ll do that tomorrow. but: galaxies!

Yeah, me too. Bit a snooze fest. I have way too many of these.  They’re fun, but too bla.


Okay remember about 15 characters ago when I said galaxies are bla? Well, for my tardis I decided I needed a galaxy. I really don’t know what’s wrong with me, and I avoid Doctors like the plague because they’d tell me. (though no THE doctor. I wouldn’t avoid him ((I’m sorry I had to)))


Step 1: be lazy and not have to draw out all the lines for the tardis again like the time you painted one on the wrong type of paper 2 years ago. Find a screenshot and trace the lines through a window.  Then go over your lines in masking fluid.



I keep forgetting to add in the purple until it’s too late, but I think it blended well. in retrospect I kinda wish I’d tried a zoom out spiral galaxy, but life is what it is.  Traditional telescope view.


Got home and removed the masking fluid and added some stars.  Now for my Tardis I didn’t want random white splotches everywhere, I wanted to try and focus the stars in the galaxy core. Out comes my handy dandy gel pen and it actually worked on top of paint! I was quite happy.


So there it is folks, my Tardis.  Now just to get over my fear of paying $300 for a booth and to make the jump! If I gain the courage, come find me at Awesomecon this spring in Washington DC!



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