Every once in a while, what you doodle in the margins of papers at work or while waiting at the dentists office end up being the things you learn the most from.  Not always, but sometimes.


I always see noses drawn with this little circle/pentagon shape on them.  Figured, well, let me try to create that same look and lo and behold, it actually helps me draw noses.  Who’d have thought better artists have a reason to their madness? I’m thinking a nose montage is in order.


The strange circle nose thing helps with the under the nose shadow I always struggle with too. My shoulder guides are out to lunch though.


No doodle time is complete without eyes. I’ve been trying to figure out asian eyes of late, as my precious little grey warden is supposed to have them and I’d love to draw her not looking like she’s straight out of Spain.

Grey Warden elfphoto dump grey1

Some warden doodles that all look like different people.


and last but not least, a precious little sad Blackwall. Look at that mopey beard.



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