Some time long ago I saved these images to my desktop with the intent of making cute little recipe cards. Well, that was so long ago I no longer remember where I saw these.  I thought I remembered finding the second image on etsy, but try as I might I can’t find it again. If either of these are your cards let me know and I’ll make sure to give you credit. ):

That all being said, these images have been floating around in the back of my head for a while. Wouldn’t you figure when the bug suddenly hits me to go ahead and try it out I’m in the middle of doing something else. (Dragon age has been paused the scene before a boss battle for about 4-5 hours now)

The last few days I’ve been obsessing over Alphonse Mucha again. So naturally I wanted to try my hand at an Art Nouveau Recipe Card.



It’s my first time in aaaaaaaages doing anything very layout/design based and I’m clearly very rusty. Regardless, once i get the itch to do something, it doesn’t get half done.


I played with different colours and corner cuts

Red recipe.jpg

Swapped up my style altogether (and forget to change parts back to black that I’d intended and only realized as I uploaded it just now). One of the things that got me most excited was a photoshop brush that made little dotted lines. Why this delighted me to much when dotted lines aren’t difficult things to make I’ll never know, but that brush drove me onwards and up.

Now I have a little dry erase board on my wall that I write down all my ideas of what I could make that might sell well at a convention, one of which is of course Pokemon. Nerds grow up and cook right? We don’t all order out pizza and Chinese Food. Of course.

I have some really cute watercolours I might try to make into a more delicate feminine recipe card one day, but for this excise I wanted something simple.

bulbasaur 600dpi_fauxsticker

I was already a little dishearted from my Art Nouveau card not turning out half as well as I’d hoped, so I decided to keep it simple stupid. Use original art and maximize on that rounded clean animation style.


I only made Charmander and Pikachu for now because it’s below zero outside and the heater doesn’t really reach my room where I work. I have frozen finger-sickles when working at the computer, but I think they’re definitely cute enough I’ll make a small bundle of each to put out at my next con booth.

All that was left was to consider storage

I didn’t realize design them 2 hole punch friendly, and 4×6 doesn’t fit into recipe books as easily as 3×5. (or at least I couldn’t find 4×6 pages at Michaels very easily), so my leaning was towards a box.

My little envelope machine includes in it’s companion book that it can also make manilla folders. I’m not sure if it’s the chocolate I continuously ate all morning or i’m just sleep deprived, but the idea of making tiny manilla folders was about as exciting as the dotted lines: over the top exciting.

All that’s left now is a little box for them to all fit in!






EDIT: I just realized that I didn’t really leave a spot for the recipe names. This is why I’m not allowed to blindly march full speed. Stop and think before you act Miss Xandi. There’s a reason you take 15-20 minutes to decide what to eat at a restaurant you go to every week.


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