What I miss more than anything

Classical Animation.


It’s been a while since I did a study of animation timelines, but sinbad was one of the last classically animated movies before digital really took off with Finding Nemo and the lot. ┬áTo me it’s the ultimate shame. The animation in this movie (even though the movie itself is horrible) is beyond beautiful.

I mean, look at the way Eris moves!


What brings me here is some research for a beer label, in which I’m trying to find an eerie way to depict mustard gas (WWI themed beer, otherwise I agree. Not the best idea for imagery.). My head has a very clear idea of the image I want. Kind of a fusion of Art Nouveau and Ukiyo e but a kind of flat vector spin to it.


Inuyasha kinda capitalizes on the ukiyo e style I was talking about (being Japanese), but you get the idea what I’m saying right? Those curling sinister lines


and because I don’t think I will ever escape the imagery of this movie and the way lines moves and interact with colour: Fantasia







EDIT: Of course I find the movement I’m thinking about the next day. It actually took me back and reminded me of when I was in high school and would construct elaborate black backdrops for incense smoke to billow around and in front of.



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