Today was yet another snow day so of course I got distracted by the internet.

I found this tutorial while looking up cosplays I probably won’t make for a good while and was eager to see how well it could work. First thing I noticed is I didn’t get much texture unless I applied some weight to my iron.  As soon as I did that It worked really well. Other than that I’m very satisfied with this method for creating the illusion of leather, but not sure how well it would work for something like an apron or notebook.

I started with brown foam so that the edges and bottom wouldn’t be a strange colour and may have forgotten to rub the black into the grooves before I started.  That being said, I followed the video verbatum all except I added some varnish at the very end with a cloth and a dabbing and circular motions(s). It still looked far too foam-like without the small floss (left image). Afterwards (right image) I’m much more satisfied with.



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