I’ve been in an Alphonse Mucha mood recently, particularly a piece I had somehow missed called ‘The Moon and Stars‘. Well, as usual when I discover something new I go to google and search for everything related to it I can find, which led me to this image of his North Star final work.


True to form, I stared at it for too long, then sent it over to my good friend Sahara who replied with these hands.


I’ve been obsessed with stars and galaxies for a while, twinkling lights int he dark for a lot longer than that. I love the idea of it being on a human person. I’ve loved that Idea since I first saw Sunspot in Xmen Evolution


Now, two very particular images struck my mind when I thought about how I wanted to execute this idea.


The first is the gradual fade from black on Charlize Theron in Mad Max. I haven’t seen the move, nor do I plan to, but this release of her face always fascinated me. ┬áThe second is Miss KmyeChan‘s hands. The way she draws hands is beyond beautiful is a hauntingly angular way.

Okay so I’ve got it: dark black galaxy hands. Lets grab some reference photos right? Wrong.


Someone on Tumblr decided they were going to upload some feet studies they’d done and suddenly i wasn’t thinking about hands. I need ballet feet! but wait–should they be floating? Dangling? Standing? Dancing?


step 1 of the process is complete: obsess over something you want to draw later. Step 2 (begin project) will most likely commence in a few months after I’ve had time to sit on the idea and sketch out page after page of limbs. We’ll see!




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