I could tell you I’m the sort of girl you’d never catch dead in pink but I’m sure a quick look through my art and you’d be rolling your eyes.  Somehow my little jellyfish friends have managed to turn my option over the light shade of red.  So much so, I decided to try a cherry blossom colour theme for my second cane.

I’m in love with polymer clay. It works exactly how I always imagined clay to work. (read: not as finicky as the clay you throw. I don’t know what I expected it to do, but it didn’t do it.) I’ve been enjoying playing with it. Mixing it. rolling it out over and over again, and being afraid of messing it up.

I’m a materials coward.

Well, after sufficiently rolling everything I own through the pasta machine, cutting it with little tools, and sticking it in molds I decided it was time to re-attempt canes.  My first cane (Covered in this post) was alright enough, I guess, but i wanted something harder. and by something harder I mean the little flower I saw in my first cane tutorial.

I rolled and cut and learned that warm clay doesn’t slice nicely. Regretfully I set aside all my little sausages and waited for them to reach room temperature again. In that period of time I was so excited to start putting together my cane, I didn’t take any development pictures. It pretty much looked exactly like her video though, just not as perfect, haha.

BAM. DONE. Time to reduce. Or not.  rolling cutting, waiting, cutting, assembling, waiting takes time. I started as soon as I got home from work and by now it was long past bedtime. When I bought my first pack of polymer clay I didn’t realize it was a medium that required so much patience.  Not sure how I feel about no one mentioning this to me before. Two days later though I finally had the time to start reducing my cane.

I woke up early for work, brushed my teeth and marched into the studio for some quick Saturday clay working.

Despite the clay being all the same temperature they reduced at dramatically different rates. I ended up with so many cut off ends.IMG_5555 - Edited

The center just would not reduce as quickly as the outside no matter how slow I was. Now one thing I can think of that might have influenced that, was that I started running low on that dark pink pretty much as soon as I began.  So I mixed it half and half with translucent to make it stretch. It was Sculpy III for both colours but perhaps the translucent was a softer batch? Maybe I just need to accept that I’m a beginner and probably don’t reduce right yet? Who knows.

I’m just excited I ended up with a basically flower shape through the whole cane and not a pink blob. You can see where ends got mushed when I cut, which is partially due to the fact that they were A. warm when I cut and B. cut right against the hard glass. After they’ve cooled they’ll hopefully be a little rounder.

What I’m thinking might be a fun thing to do with this cane is wrap it around some beads and make a little pink rosary. The sort with the wire I have to painstakingly bend into little heads for each bead.


I feel like little pink blossom beads would sell well in the catholic community. Otherwise I don’t know what on earth else to make with this cane. I didn’t think past “learn skill, make thing”.


The Same goes for my butterfly cane.

I watched this gent’s video on his super complex butterfly cane.


Laughed myself out of the room, then decided to make my own.

IMG_5556 - Edited

Look familiar? Why yes, that is my first cane that I just squished into a different shape and gave a black border.


You can see it’s not a very long cane that I made this way, but for a beginner impulse I’m rather proud of my ingenuity in an otherwise unattractive cane.

I have no idea what I’ll do with tiny butterflies, but I have their wings now.



2 thoughts on “Beginner clay canes for a disastrous beginner

  1. its absolutely amazing how floral patterns can turn into butterfly wings. and not just through some poetic metaphor: the visual is very convincing. you may have forever changed the way i look at wings.

    screen a tshirt based on this design or something; i dont know what colors, but the pattern is brilliant.

    Liked by 1 person

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