I think I can. I think I can. I think I can.
Only 5 more jellyfish until my big wall piece is finished and I can start tweaking things from a final product.

Which if you don’t remember or you’re new. Is this:

IMG_5521 - Edited

See those 5 little frames. Well, I’m been racking my  brain trying to think what type of jellyfish to put in those smaller frames.  I could just do what I had always been doing with scale and just make smaller versions of the other pictures, but that idea really didn’t appeal to me.

Several months ago, I drew these little cuties.


I still love them, but I didn’t feel like 5 of them were fitting with this piece. I needed someone else small . . . and cute . . . like babies.

I don’t know if you’re ever seen a jellyfish polyp, but they’re weird looking little guys.


Okay confession, this is my first time doing an actual google search for polyps since 2013. I’ve been working on pseudo memory/imagination and just the may that world sounds.


Doesn’t it conjure up cute things to you too?

Well upon my most recent scouring of the internet for ocean life, I came across a few polyp articles that have images I really want to save for future reference.


Click the image and it’ll reroute you to Natural History of Orange County page where they have short videos of how these guys move. They’re like twitching little alien snowflakes. I love them. Do it. click the link.

Getting back to my original topic though: I needed Polyps in the tiny frames. But My own polyps. They needed to look like their larger counterparts, but simpler, rounder, cuter.

IMG_5561 - Edited

Out came the sketchbook. Simplify. Simplify. Simpliy. I should be good at this! I’m the laziest person around! why do I keep adding by habit?! I just needed to play with scale right? Make texture larger on smaller shapes? A small air bubble now needed to be big? A nuanced shape just a blob? I tried to picture tiny tentacles desperately trying to catch up to a larger shape.
Try to imagine the octopus from finding nemo, mixed with a cuttle fish and how fast children’s legs move when they’re trying to keep up with their parents.


That’s what was going through my head while trying to image these guys.

Given that these are my first baby jellyfish, the designs are sure to iron themselves out in time. For now, I think these guys will probably look adorable with their slap.


I only half purposely didn’t give any of them stingers. I wasn’t thinking about it that way when drawing them, but i like the idea they’re just squishy, not stingy.  Squishy little babies.

Though, I just had an idea about the polyps with little moon jelly skirts that I need to go take care of ASAP, so any further jellyfish thought’ll be included with images from later today when I put everybody into their frames.




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