Back to my roots – oh I’m out of practice!

I started sketching characters back when I was really young. Probably around 2002 is when I got really into drawing people (an event which coincided with my getting very into anime. A tale as old as time.) You’re going to have to take my word that they were pretty bad (as far as 11 year old’s drawing go). But I kept it up. It took me almost 10 years but I learned about brow bones, and how eyes align with ears and the edges of your mouth.  I taught myself through trial and error about how bones actually look (because apparently the first 15 years of my life I didn’t pay attention to them?). I dabbled in realism and quickly scuttled back to anime. Slowly slowly I explored other artists and other types of animation and stylized characters before starting to arrive at my own style with a some amount of understanding and ability to draw people.

These images are from my 2009 Sketchbook. 2008-2013 I religiously finished a 100 page sketchbook every year and my progress showed it. The following are images from my 2012 sketchbook of my character Cier in the Star Trek (TOS) universe. There’s still a lot of variation from image to image, but leaps and bounds in my ability to draw characters.


A little bit of horn tooting, but again, practice really makes all the difference.


Here’s where i have to don the cone of shame. Since 2013 I’ve been using the same sketchbook for the last 2 years. (shhh, 2016 only just started! I can still say 2 years!) I have not practiced half as much as I wish I had, but for good reason! (excuses excuses) I’ve been cultivating so many other skills, that I’d forgotten my most basic.

If you’ve been reading my past posts you’ll have noticed by now that I’m head over heels for Dragon Age at the moment. So when pencil goes to paper what else can I draw but Dragon age?

Now, I haven’t provided much by way of past drawings for you to tell, but I can’t draw men. I don’t know why I find their harder lines so difficult but they always end up looking like cavemen or women.  Never just a normal man. That being said I was determined to draw Blackwall. One of my dear friends had been drawing the most adorable fanart of her inquisitor and Solas and I was jealous. ‘I want cute art of my inquisitor and Blackwall! I’m an artist! I can do it!’

That’s what I thought. Little did I remember I hadn’t tried to draw a person in months.

I struggled.

IMG_5430 - Edited

My past portrait studies helped a lot in attempting to draw the Grey Warden (is it okay to spoil a game that’s been out this long with an ‘or not?!’ ?), but as you can see by my hastily scribbled caption: I’m not happy. ‘it must be because I can’t draw men!’ I rationalized and sat down to draw my inquisitor (guess who!) Cier.

True, I did have better results with drawing her, but it looked like something I could have drawn back in 2013. My dream has always been to be able to doodle out a mini comic one day and have it look fun and shareable. Right now I need to stop hypothesizing about gold lettered rebound books and silicone jellyfish and spend a couple of hours every week focusing on finishing this sketchbook and making some more progress. I refuse to die without having reached my goal of being able to spit out a decent mini comic.



2 thoughts on “Back to my roots – oh I’m out of practice!

    1. Thanks! My web comic-ing art level goal has always been set around the “Lora Innes- level” I don’t know if my pride would let me publish something lesser with my name on it, haha.


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