It’s been 2 years since I made a legitimate 3D jelly and I’m not happy. I’ve spoken to the folks out at the workhouse about trying to cast one in Glass, but my schedule hasn’t gotten there yet. I’ve thought about sculpting it out of clay, and honestly I’m surprised I didn’t try that before this.

Last August I went through a felting rage. I bought a little kit to make a rabbit from a silicone mold and had so much fun I ran out to buy a bunch of wool afterwards. (I love my bag of wool, it smells like clean goats.) Well, I haven’t done too many projects since then so I still have a lot of wool, some of which I’ve been playing with alternative uses to
Screenshot 2016-02-06 at 2.44.57 PM - Edited

(My guilty confession. He originally had beautiful long troll hair and I managed to bake the head completely without damaging it at all. I went to rebake it to repair a crack I’d filled and burned off the top of his hair. So close! but that’s what preliminary trial runs are for!  If you’re interested in this guy, I was too wrapped up in making him to remember to take pictures of the process, but I’ll do a post about what I noticed, what I learned, and what  I’ll do differently for his creepy old wife next.)

BUT, I pulled out my wool again for it’s original purpose: felting. I wanted to try and make a three dimensional version of more traditional Jellyfish shape.

A couple hours of stabbing later and I had a shape I liked.


That’s where the challenges began. How did I want to make the other side? Did I want him to be a sculptural wall piece or did I want him to be in the round suspended from above? Well, sculptural in the rounded sounded like the more difficult challenge so I took it.IMG_5435

At this point it looks like a little felt bunny just left little droppings all over my desk, the smallest ones being about the size of an adult’s thumbnail. I played with the idea of both sides being symmetrical or totally amorphous? If I made it asymmetrical and then joined the seams though, would it just look like a cloud? Would I loose all the definition of my shapes?


I decided to pick similar shapes but not exactly the same, then I joined the seams just enough for it to look like it was joined by a webbing or thin membrane, but not enough for each shape to loose definition. It’s a little flatter than my brain was originally thinking, but in order to give it that more rounded ‘pumpkin’ appearance I would have needed to either make each shape longer originally, or insert a center portion (which I did not want to do.)

From here my plans are to crochet the longer tentacles and cut out flat felt shapes for the inner portion that will all be felted into place. Once completed I’m thinking a pale pink dye bath? Perhaps a subtle hombre?

I’ll link here to the next continuation as soon as I’ve made up my mind!



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