New Amigurumi pattern

I love my little person pattern, but i can’t repeat the same thing over and over again. I get too bored. I constantly seek new challenges and new patterns. My little naked amigurumi people are started from the head and crocheted in a single piece, with the exception of the arms.  I constantly see people who talk about having to attach all the limbs. What’s this limb attaching nonsense of which you speak?! what do you mean the head has to be SEWN on?! Well, I sort of found one of those patterns .

This pattern looked cute, useful, and different from what I’d been doing.  So off I started on the pieces that all needed to be worked up separately.  First a little round head.

Screenshot 2016-01-30 at 1.05.22 PM

Then two little feet and a belly


Then stitched together.  The one things I didn’t like about doing it this way, is I thought that my neck would be stronger.  It’s still a floppy weak neck.  If I put any hair on his head it would loll about like a newborns. I don’t want to put an armature inside a soft toy, but there has to be someway of reinforcing that neck. All of my friends are starting to reproduce, and I want to be able to put little animals in baby shower presents without fear of a head popping off one night due to a weak neck joint.  All the lolling has to weaken the fibers.


So,his head’s a little under-stuffed, and I’ll probably change up the pattern to make it a little more squat anyways, but it’s cute. And quick. Which means I can sell them for a more reasonable price, or make one last minute. This guy’s going to get button eyes because that’s what I have, but I debating ordering some safety eyes. All the fluff you see coming out of his head currently is from when I tried to sew on eyes but they looked bad, so I picked the stitches. I want them baby safe. Maybe felt eyes? If I heat-n-bond a piece of felt onto the face that’s baby safe right? I have no babies, I depend on the internet to tell me what babies can destroy and eat.


Next up: knit amigurumi I think





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