When I pick up a new medium i usually learn a little about a lot at first, then start specializing later.  I’ve rolled clay, I’ve mixed clay, I’m cookie cut it, I’ve formed it into canes, and I’ve pressed it into molds. Then i watched this video and knew what was next.

I had to make my own molds

On my way home from work I collected up all the supplies i needed, and a few extra groceries (because I lack strength when passing the bread department.), borrowed my little sister’s necklace and got to mixing.

The one difference I’m curious to see about is that the guy at the Lowes recommended I try the extra flexy silicone. My tutorials didn’t specify how flexy theirs was and I didn’t find the same brand as she used, so i went ahead with Lowes guy’s recommendation. (Digression: I tried so hard to get in, grab what I needed, and get out without an associate asking me If I needed help.  I hate being nagged while shopping, especially if it’s because of an overly helpful person when I look confused in a hardware store. I look confused even when shopping for silverware. I overthink everything!)


So Mix I did, and a Mess I made, but I’m very satisfied with the detail captured in my results. Tonight I’m going to add in some clay and see how it turns out. Send me strong mental reminders to take photos of every step of the way!

My next mold I’m working on getting a tri-pod so I can film my mess making. I found one at the thrift store, but it’s missing the little metal screw to put my camera on it. Anyone know any good DIY fixes for those of us who don’t want to spend 60 bucks on something to hold hte camera for us? (Sisters don’t work. I’ve already tried that fix. They don’t stay still after you’ve fastened the camera to their head!)



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