Inspiration is found in the oddest of places



While out visiting the hermitage museum in Norfolk I’m snapping pictures of interesting carvings, pottery designs, beautiful landscapes, and general house architecture.  All normal things to take pictures of when being a tourist. Then I see this Branch. I really have no idea what to do with this texture, but I knew it had to be recorded. Ceramics maybe?




A long time ago, almost 3 years from now, i saw this image on the internet and made the cutest little cat doll out of an old tee shirt based on it. I’ve since lost my doll, but seeing this randomly on a google search again reminded me I have to make more formless blanket dolls. Don’t know if it’d work for an amigurumi, but imagine the stitches I used in my hexagon blankets making up the body of a little floppy bunny <3



It doesn’t get more crafty and basic than this, but I want to make cute octopi with curly legs. I probably won’t evolve much past it, but it doesn’t matter does it?




I didn’t like their dance, but I loved their starting pose. Definitely have to draw that sometime.



I love my metal crochet jellyfish, but these actual yarn ones actually have an alluring appeal. Especially the fuller tentacles. If I learned anything from my Thesis it’s that Steve was the most successful jelly. If I can combine some of the ideas from these jellies with Steve I think I might be on to my next jelly installation.



Yes, I take pictures of products in stores and then remake them for myself. Before anyone gets up in arms, I don’t sell reproductions of someone else’s designs; it’s purely for personal use.  However, the idea of fancy lids and gold on blue pattern work is filed away for future purpose. These Particular Pieces are from Anthropologie.




Not a new idea, but a reminder of interesting ways to use shadows is always good to rehash. Especially when they’re as atmospheric as kmyechan’s.


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