I can see your halo, halo… Halo, ooh oh…

So Maybe Beyonce Lyrics don’t translate very well into blog titles, but that’s what I’ve been working on. Almost done with My Virgin Mary Painting, just finishing up her Halo.

I’d already decided on the design in previous sketches. So that was one thing down at least

IMG_5013 - Edited

I originally wanted to try gold watercolours and keep my medium’s consistent, but–well– situations what they are that’s next month’s investment.


Tell me you don’t want to paint with that.

  1. I decided to go with the acrylics I already had on hand.  A little plebeian, but it worked.


And I used a combination of a colder gold and my acrylic ink on the detail work.


Right after I finish this post I’ll probably go in and add some white highlights to try and give some dimension to the halo details. Otherwise I think she might be almost done.


Lessons I learned with this project– always start on a piece of paper much bigger than you need because I will inevitably add more to an image than I planned to and run off the paper. Mary is about half and inch off center, which won’t bother me once she’s matted or digitized, but caused some of the halo detail work to be less than symmetrical, which does bother me. Either that, or I can learn how to plan better.  The bigger paper idea sounds easier though. Pah! Planning! (#1 reason why I will never be a muralist)


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