Artist Spotlight – Bruce Monroe

So I broke in 2016 by going everywhere and getting no sleep. Last Week I was down in Norfolk visiting my Grandmother and we decided to head down to the Hermitage. If you live near there and haven’t been: gorgeous grounds, beautiful view, and fascinating house.

The museum houses a collection of art work the original owner, Mrs. Florence K. Sloane, as well as the most fascinating architecture you’ll see stateside. We’re talking fully custom carved wooden ceilings and large hearth witches over the fireplace. I’ve only seen stuff like this when I was visiting Romanian castles. (and to be fair lots of other european countries too, but the Romanian ones I remember best)

The house is magnificent. End of story. Go see it, but my Artist spotlight focuses on a modern installation artist they have shown there. I only got to see the one piece they still have on display, but back in 2014 he filled the grounds with lights.  You can see Bruce Munro‘s 2014 show information still on the Hermitage Website and the rest of his work on his website

The piece currently on display Is titled Light Shower. What caught my attention was the way the lights twinkled and really appeared to just be floating in mid air. Photography always catches the light off the lines lights are hung by, so you’ll have to take my word.


It’s magical.


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