Pretty and Printed

So I’ve been trying my hand at selling prints for–well for only a very very short amount of time, and I’ve been wanting someway to put my signature on them without it looking tacky,  Especially on the fanart. Who wants a big picture of Malcolm Reynolds with a distracting little jellyfish dancing around in the corner? Not Me, so I certainly wouldn’t impose that on you.

I work at a Michaels at the moment (technically back in custom framing but I digress) and when I’m helping to put things away I recently ended up in Scrapbooking. I hate this section.  There’s too many small things, and I can’t find where anything goes, and I’m inefficient, and it’s horrible. Well I ended up there, circumstances as they were, and discovered heat embossing.

I didn’t know it was that easy.

How has this escaped my knowledge all these years?

It looks so professional.

And white on white, it’s unobtrusive.


For those of you who haven’t seen it before or were ignorant like me here’s a picture from google.


Apparently I can order custom printed stamps for under $30 too, so I know what my next splurge is.  Unfortunately my oh so cute, but oh so horrible and constantly breaking little VW bug has eaten all my free funds for experiments in January, BUT COME FEBRUARY. MARK MY WORDS I SHALL HAVE EMBOSSED SIGNATURES!

And just in case you’re curious about custom stamps, here’s 2 shops I was bookmarking to look back at once I was able *shakes fist at Volkswagen*
Imagine Stamps & Cuts And Scrapes
If you know any shops you really like or have a recommendation for me just shoot a comment or message my way!


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