New year new art!

No, not really. I just haven’t had time recently to work on anything new. So a little bit of stuff I’ve been slowly trudging through

Screenshot 2016-01-17 at 12.40.45 PM
IMG_5281 - Edited

Screenshot 2016-01-17 at 12.40.55 PM

Made some more progress on My Virgin Mary portrait (and what did I say, the skin tone picked itself. I was planning for maybe a little bit lighter, but at least I picked the tone I wanted. Lesson learned: always start pale as a ghost). I’m still VERY dissatisfied with her veil though. I’m half debating just going over it with pencil completely. We’ll see.


Here you see my collection of half finished pieces I have sitting on my desk at the moment, and a few earlier pieces I have out for reference points. I’ve been playing with greyed out pinks on my jellyfish recently and I really like the results

Debating putting gold halos on my galaxy jellyfish, but thinking that might be too much.


Maybe You see them there in the back of that photo of my desk but I got some acrylic paints for Christmas and haven’t had a chance yet to play with them. I’m kinda excited over to moon to try my hand at acrylic painting. It seems so intuitive to mix colours that way (if you’ll notice the oil paintings on shells hiding on the side of the desk), but oils are too much–work. My oil paintings never get past the under painting because I don’t have the patience to set up ‘oil paint land’ every time I want to use them.  Water based or go Home. PREPARE FOR AWESOME POSTS ABOUT HOW EXCITED I AM TO MIX COLOURS! I’ve got brushes, knives, canvas, paper, and–well– that’s about all I have. but that’s enough to start with!

Last newest piece I’m trudging along on: More crochet amigurumi


I have a totally different type of pattern than I usually make amigurumi from and I’m anxious to see if It’s easier, harder, more enjoyable, more sturdy, what have you. First sample is following the pattern exactly, and we’ll see where I manipulate it from there!


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