Artist Spotlight

Or–more succinctly, prefab factory artwork spotlight, cause it looks cool.

Currently I work in models homes. Model homes need art. This house is big. It needs a lot of art.

There’s this one large piece in the basement whose style always catches my eye. This large canvas with ribbons and fabric bits attached then painted over. Once again, hideous composition but intriguing style.


What you can’t see zoomed so far away is the texture. I’ve always been drawn to texture. I love it when things pop off the canvas, but then again, I probably wouldn’t have been a sculpture student if I enjoyed replicating dimension instead of creating it. On topic: i love the idea of creating stand up-y bits on canvases without creating something 100% sculptural and this way of doing so is really intriguing.


I know, I know, it’s nothing new, but it really caught my eye regardless.

I’m thinking: ribbon and lace stretched over the canvas with jellyfish painted on with pallet knives.

The only kink in my plan: I’ve never painted with a pallet knife.  How hard can it be to learn though, right?


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