Artist Spotlight

The one thing I’ve learned as an artist from working at the frame shop is to always provide the seller with information with my name and/or website. If not that, then sign legibly. There’s a lot of work that comes through my shop that I really want to know who made it but there’s nothing to identify it by. That being said, if I ever post an artist’s work and don’t source it it’s probably because I don’t know who they are. Please comment below if you ever recognize yours or someone else’s work and I’ll add in the links and credit. (and go stalk your other works)

Most recently a piece came into the shop who’s dimensionality delighted me. I guess it’s string glued onto the canvas and painted between? I don’t know but it makes me want to buy some Peebo and twine.


Obviously I would never make anything like this artwork, in fact I really dislike it a lot, but this technique is really eye catching. I’m thinking if I do it for jellies like this guy it’ll be delightful.


Houston, we’re gunna need a bigger Studio.


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