I think I may be onto something . . . .again. Maybe?

I recently read an article By Charlie Cody on Painting with Copics, which of course inspired me to go out and do the same. Well, I swiftly realized I can’t just pour the ink out of my markers, so I had to make weak solutions of my darkest colours by colouring with them onto my pallet and adding a little bit of alcohol: like so


So pro.
Here I ran into a particular problem: bleeding. I haven’t repeated the experiment with watercolour paper yet, but I should.  Here I’m working on Bristol smooth, which I’ve had success at drawing with copics on before. (read: still really new to copic markers).

I think I need ink to be able to drop into the alchohol to really get a nice colour, as the dark blue and dark pink were the only ones I could get to make much impact. the article recommends a 1:15 ratio. I probably had 1:30. So I swapped back to colouring normally on top of my nice even colour field. You can see in the corner before I cut it out the pink I’d been playing with, which got me thinking.



I know, I sound a little bit like I’m on some sort of strange drug, but trust me: I really like this concept. A month or two back I made a blue Dr. Who galaxy with copics. It didn’t blend perfectly, but i really liked the results.

( There’s more shots and some development images of this piece on my Instagram )

So, I thought, why not do the same thing with Jellyfish pink? And I did.

The image on the left is my first draft. I was in love with the colours and how they blended. I was in love with my current favorite jelly design and how she turned out. I was in love with my galaxy stars.  It was wonderful.  Then I messed it up. Usually I doodle this jelly on everything with a ballpoint pen. I cross hatch the parts i want darker and it looks great. Why would it be any different with my gel pen? WRONG.

I spent a few minutes crying to myself for being so bold and messing up a perfectly good jellyfish, then pulled out another piece of paper and started a second draft (the image on the right), but disaster hit.


that’s right, right when I was on a roll my pen RAN OUT OF INK. My precious E000, how could you do this to me? I have no refills, no where near me sells refills. It’s off to DickBlick for me. I’m cheap/poor so standard shipping it is. I put big stars and exclamation points on the 21st when mu refill is supposed to arrive.

This is literally the first colour i have to put down. My progress is rudely stunted. I wonder if I’ll even be able to finish the second jelly galaxy and redeem my honour! I cap it, hold it up so the ink can drain down, squeak out a little, and repeat. eventually managing enough pigment to make passable results.

On goes the safety jelly.  The original design.  Nothing daring, nothing unpredictable. I can’t mess this up. and you know what, I actually didn’t. It was beautiful.

Looking at the two side by side I chew my lip and wonder how to fix the two problems I now had: 1. the messed up first jelly, and 2. the fact that the center of the second galaxy was so pale, my white lines disappeared.  Thank goodness I have too many art supplies, because I ransacked my drawers and organizers till I found something that just might work: acrylic ink. A transparent wash over the jellies’ interiors ought to help them look more ghostly and solid right? (can something be ghostly and solid?)

Here’s my note to you if you decide to try acrylic ink over top of gel pen: don’t do it over anything detailed. Up comes the pen ink and away goes your lines. Didn’t matter to me though, I hated those cross hatch lines anyways.


I am now totally satisfied with this experiment and propose and army of them be created ASAP.  And by ASAP I mean on the 21st.

I’m crying tears of impatience right now.

Next conundrum: to cut out and mount onto a different backer or leave  them as they are and just get the presentation figured out. Maybe I’ll order some circular cut mats at work on Tuesday . . . .



Also, it retrospect I realize that I’m publishing this on the 18th and that’s hardly a long wait for my ink to come in by the 21st, but please bear with me that I drew these on the 10th. That’s 11 days. that’s an eternity to not draw Jellyfish.

I swear come January I’ll try to publish within the same week I made something, but no promises.

Loki graphic by geothebio on DeviantArt

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