Artist Spotlight!

I just wanted to share the names of 2 artists whose work I have particularly enjoyed these last few months.

The first is Michele Svengsouk, Particularly her piece “flora, fauna, and Fungi”. It really reminds me of Alphonse  Mucha, but combine him with mushroom and be still my beating heart. Check out more of her work on her Website!

michele svengsouk

I discovered this piece in an adult colouring book I was flipping through at Michaels that provides the name and information for the art works <3. Snapped a picture and googled it up.  Books, you should do this more often. I like it.

The second Artist I want to draw EVERYONE’s attention to in this post is the lovely Miss. Karla Rodriguez, AKA Dolleetoile on Instagram. I tried to see if she had an official website, didn’t see one off the bat and haven’t asked her myself, but you can check out her DA and Behance for more work! Regardless her stuff is beautiful and delicate and just uuuuuurgh. I love it so much.

I need prints of all her sketches.


KArla Rodriguez


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