Everything’s always on Hiatus

If you know me or have followed any of my work you’ll know one thing: something’s always on Hiatus.  That blanket I started junior year of college? I graduated 2 years ago, it’s half finished. I worked on it for 2 weeks last month though.  That Family embroidery I started for a Christmas present last year? I have 2/7 people, but I bet I can finish it by the time my Dad gets back to the States. That Watercolour painting of the Fish? I actually picked it back up again!

So I broke the rules.

I know.

I’m bad.

I painting the subject before the background, then, fearful of messing everything up, put it away for a few months. Well, I finally got it back out again. And guess what. I messed it up!


I made test samples, tried out the blending and control of all my mediums before I put brush to paper, but everything behaved differently when it came to time to work on my actual product. I wanted to hang my head in defeat. Can’t mess it up any worse right?

I grabbed out my handy dandy everything I had brought with me and got to work.


You know what, I think I fixed it too.



Lesson learned: don’t take a forever Hiatus because you’re afraid of messing it up. You’ll mess it up anyways, but it’s never permanent. It’s always fixable.

Still not done but getting there!



Next potential hiatus causer on this piece: should I add white patterns in on top of the blue or let it be just solid colour?


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