Black Newspaper Fingers

Black Fingers from Newspaper

So I may be a transitional generation who grew up before computers were really all that and a can of beans, but still young enough to grow up learning on the 95 and the dawn on modern electronics but this still excites me as stuff of history.


Physical Newspapers.

Don’t get me wrong, as a kid I took the funnies out of the paper and read them, and I’m pretty sure my parents still get some sort of physical newspaper in the mail, so it’s not like i’m excited over finding grandmother’s old gramophone or something. I  just really don’t see physical newspapers anymore. I really don’t even see the free spam one at the bottom of the driveway that we usually drive over every morning to leave the house, but my company still advertises in them. So someone must still be purchasing them.

Well, my assignment yesterday was to go through all the old issues of the paper that had been piling up and clip out all the company’s advertisements. So sort and clip I did. Page after page I flipped until I noticed a strange black residue building up on my fingers.

‘Strange,’ I thought ‘I haven’t been drawing recently . . .’

Then it hit me


I had to pull out my phone and take a picture before I washed it off. I’d read about the ink from newspaper turning your fingers back, but I’d never experienced the phenomena myself.  I’d never even seen it in person, only read about it in period stories, where a child noticed the blackened fingertips of their father as he knits his brow and reads about the World War.

I’ll be curious to see what little things I’m so used to now become an unheard of element of history by the time I’m old.


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