Year long Hiatus but I swear I can do it this time!


“I swear I can write every week!”, I say, as I work 2 jobs, attempt to build a professional post-graduate portfolio, and plan to take online classes simultaneously. Did I mention I’m dying to learn glass blowing this spring? Time; I have it, haha.

Realistically though, my hope is to record some of what I’m working on in more locations than just instagram, and show more of the creative process (or sometimes lack thereof).

In the last year I’ve become re-addicted to watercolour, and let me tell you, this medium offers so much more than I thought when viewing the dull and repetitive landscapes and floral paintings. Particularly: GALAXIES. Dear goodness Galaxies. Expect many galaxies coming up in the future.

A few Sites for you to check out in the meantime:

– Still a work in progress, but head over to my Website to see some of my artwork, in a tidied, non-iphone photographed format.

– Like Anything you see? My Etsy is just about up an running! Expect to see more work available soon! Any interest in a piece I don’t currently have for sale is welcomed, just shoot me a message and I’ll see what I can do about getting it off the presses and into your hands. Commissions are closed at this time because–well–time.


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