Last minute Christmas Presents for my coworkers

Yesterday I had a small panic attack. I still didn’t have any presents for my coworkers, and worse, I didn’t know what to give them! Then it occurred to me, I know how to crochet and sew, as well as a menegerie of other arts, SURELY there must be something I can make? Then It came to me!
I’ve been addicted as anyone else to pinterest for a few years now and this post got me to thinking.

I really liked those, despite not being sure exactly what they’re intended to be other than pretty. So I decided to make something similar using what I had on hand, but make them into potpurri sachels instead!
potpurri sachelsJust sat down last night and quickly whipped these up so they’re not perfect, but I think they’re nice enough. Particularly because they’re going to be in a drawer or just used to make an area smell nice, rather than on display for my 90 degree sewing prowess.
The small one in the picture above is Orange mint, with dried orange rinds, dried mint leaves, some mint oil, rice, and fiberfill.  The Rice and Fiberfill weren’t originally intended to be in there but I might have under anticipated how much mint I needed and it looked a little flat.  The rice ends up giving it a really nice texture and weight though.  The Second one is stuffed with Cloves, Cinnamon Bark, rice and fiberfill. Both smell amazing and my hope is it lasts for at least a while.  The Cinnamon Bark I bought last year at an Indian grocery store down in Dallas and it has the strongest smell of any cinnamon I’ve bought before. I really wish I’d bought more before I left!
Now all that’s left is to make the last 3 and decide if I want repeat smells or not!

They are fun enough and so easy I’ll definitely perfect it in the meantime, maybe stock up a few that just need to be stuffed and sealed for quick and easy presents! I feel that as long as the recipient doesn’t have an aversion to perfumes it’s a pretty easy gift that even if it’s put in a drawer and forgotten is still being useful.


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