Maybe I’ll get back to fine art, but for now I need some brain numbing craft

After an adventurous journey home, which was not limited to a hit and run where I spun a big red suburban across multiple lanes of Knoxville traffic, I sat down to relax in the only way I really know how to do: opening up my craft box and setting the contents free.  I’m not quite sure what made me decide to look up new embroidery techniques, but I did so, and unfortunately it was 11 o’clock at night. I wanted to sew, I wanted to stitch, I wanted to sit there mindlessly threading string in a piece of cloth for hours on end but I only had a hoop, some inadequate needles, and green thread.
This wouldn’t work.
I wanted to make a cat.
See I have a really fuzzy blanket that my boyfriend gave me this past Christmas and I was probably the only person in the airport who opened up her carry on bag that December, waded through all the yarn for her afghan that she was also working on during the flight home, and pulled out a fuzzy green blanket to edge.  Well doing so as I had, I spent the first part of my break giving it the most awesome edging I’d found to date
It looks like gears!
Needless to say the little steam punk inside me who fangirls over grandfather clocks and corsets was delighted.  So far steampunk crochet patterns have left a fair bit wanting.

The blanket just didn’t feel finished and the idea of embroidering my signature orange cat onto my fuzzy green blanket carcass was too much to pass up.  To reveal how much of an embroidery n00b I am, I just learned the split stitch and couldn’t get enough of it.  Truth be told, I don’t think it’s all out of my system, but I think I can focus enough now to learn something else. Two full days of work later and I give you, ORANGE KITTY!
Orange kittyIMG_2807
I did give him a little speech bubble and heart a day later, but that’s not pictured here.  One thing I do not have a desire to do again though is embroider yarn.  Maybe there’s an easier way, but I don’t know it yet.

I loved doing fine art back at school, but there’s something just as satisfying about cuddling up to the blanket that was heart-fully given by a man three states away with your own handmade awesomeness on it. I’m plagued by utilitarian desires.


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